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Jim discusses the Lawyer’s Job in a Civil case. What should you be explaining? What questions should you ask? What sorts of things should your lawyer be explaining to you throughout the process? And where is it all going? Have a listen and feel free to contact Jim directly with any questions…


Coogan Knows the Law, but he doesn’t Know Emergency Room Medicine. Certainly not like Dr. McCool does. Listen as Jim finds out how things work in the ER. What it’s like to teach new doctors to care for patients in high-stress situations. And he asks an ER doctor: why did you decide to become a lawyer?

Then, Jim and Peter discuss some of the wildest and most challenging patients that Peter has treated in the ER.

Jim breaks down the the Pre Trial Fairness Act.

How do you know whether a nursing home will care for your loved one? What questions should you ask? What are the signs of neglect?

Jim Coogan discusses how to advocate for your loved one and how to keep them cared for.

Probate is scary! Or is it? Most people have an unfavorable idea of what probate is and how it works. But the reality is that it’s an important part of what happens when people can not legally act on their own behalf–either due to death or sickness or because they’re a minor.

Maybe it’s not so bad, after all.

Can I get a witness? Law cases are about evidence. Witness testimony is critical in nearly every case you can imagine. In this episode, Jim breaks down the different types of witnesses and the roles they play in the process. It involves: who is the witness, what is the basis for their knowledge, and what does the side that wants them to testify expect them to say.

Take a listen for what sort of witness you might be.

Jim explains the three different types of attorney fees. Some lawyers are paid by the hour. Some a fixed Fee. Jim also explains what a “contingent” fee is and how it benefits the client.

Jim breaks down what a deposition is in a legal case. He explains who asks the questions, who answers question and how it fits into the case.

Do you know what a Civil Law Suit involves?

Listen as Jim breaks down 5 things you need to know about civil lawsuits. The investigation, the filing of the lawsuit, discovery and the witnesses. Oh, and maybe a trial.

What is a Civil Case? What is a Criminal Case? How are they different?

Jim breaks down the major differences between civil cases and criminal cases, with three key differences: who brings the case, the burden of proof and the stakes!

Jim breaks down “Damages.” He explains the different types of injuries, the cases they arise in, and what does it all mean?

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