Catastrophic Injuries

Sometimes when a terrible accident occurs, it is not clear right away what kind of injury it might be. It may not feel like the incident that occurred falls neatly within the framework that most lawyers use, i.e.: “is it a work injury, a car crash, a medical case,” and so on…

Catastrophic Injury Lawyers Chicago

At Coogan Gallagher, P.C., we feel that part of our commitment to our clients and even potential clients is to keep an open mind. We want to know what happened. We believe that the primary purpose for our work here at the firm is to obtain justice for our clients. Sometimes that means going the extra mile to try to understand what happened, try to determine how and why it happened, and explain what that means to you about whether there might be a case. Injuries happen suddenly and can change your entire life–as well as the lives of those around you. When a serious injury occurs, especially when there might not be clear explanations about the “how” and the “why,” that is when it is most critical to be able to speak with attorneys who have the experience necessary to investigate those questions and provide you with answers. Whether it might be an incident with an animal, an injury caused by a failure to provide adequate crowd control, or even questions about potential deprivations of your civil rights, our attorneys welcome the opportunity to consult with you and discuss the law and your options.

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