Para-Transit Injury Results In Death

The Incident

A 94-year-old who needed a wheelchair to get around while outside the house was using a public Transportation System which would send specially-outfitted buses to pick him up. The buses would use a lift to raise him in his wheelchair into the vehicle. However, the driver failed to connect all of the straps that were part of the required procedures to secure the wheelchair in place. As a result, when the bus hit a bump, the passenger fell violently backwards, hit his head, and suffered a severe spinal contusion. This led so severe pain and paralysis that began to worsen over the next several days while he was in the hospital. Surgery to decompress his spine was eventually done. However, the quadriplegia, sores, and general trauma to his system led to his death approximately 2 1/2 months following the incident. He left behind a widow and five adult children (and several grandchildren).

The Result – $1,250,000

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