Thalia Rubio


Thalia Rubio has lived in the Chicagoland area her entire life. She attended Robert Morris University and majored in Paralegal Studies. She got her degree in Paralegal Studies from Robert Morris in 2012.

Team Member Bio

Thalia says that she chose the legal field because, “helping others has always come naturally to me, especially helping those in need.” Thalia began applying her commitment to helping others shortly after she got her degree, joining the firm that later became Coogan Gallagher. Since then, she has been integral in building cases for the firm’s clients.

Thalia is involved at every stage in the case. She will assist in gathering initial investigation materials and collecting medical records for our injured clients. An important part of her job is to ensure that the client’s file includes all of the correct records from all of their medical treaters. For some cases, that can include several different hospitals and clinics over the course of several years. Organization is an important aspect to everything she contributes to the cases.

Thalia has grown into her role and has been an important part of the firm for several years now. She will also interact with clients and confirm dates, schedule events in the case, and ensure that the proper documents are filed with the Court or served on the opposing parties in the case.

As a client with Coogan Gallagher, you will certainly interact with our support staff as well as the lawyers, as we treat each client’s case as a team effort—one that requires coordination and communication to bring all the right pieces together to achieve a successful resolution.

At home, Thalia enjoys spending as much time as she can with her family.

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